At the beginning of each season, each Varsity Head Coach in the IAAM (Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland) receives two Character Coins. The coach has the opportunity to present a Character Coin to two opponents during the season who display significant elements of fair play, integrity and respect. 

In keeping with our Core Values of Be Compassionate and Be Authentic, Molly B. '23 was awarded a Character Coin by an opposing player at the IAAM Golf Championships this week for her, "kind, encouraging and fun-spirited attitude throughout the round."

About the honor, Molly said, "In my opinion, sportsmanship is a player's most valued attribute. Treating people with respect and kindness are key values of sportsmanship that don't go unnoticed. I had no idea I would be given this coin, but becoming friends with and showing your competitors support definitely goes a long way!"

Molly B. '23 holding Character Coin at IAAM Golf Championships

When speaking about Molly, and the team's Senior leadership as a whole, Head Varsity Golf Coach Cody Dorsey emphasized their spirit, work ethic and respect for all.

Our Core Values--Be Authentic. Be Brave. Be Compassionate. Be Curious. Be Spirited.--guide how we teach and learn, connect and collaborate, serve and succeed. They are a road map for every member of our community to be our best selves.