Garrison Forest School loaned one of its 3D printers to Sinai Hospital located in Baltimore, Md., to assist with the production of over 7,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for area healthcare workers. The 3D printer–normally housed in the Makerspace at the Hathaway Fine Arts Center–was moved to Sanai Hospital earlier this spring after a GFS staff member saw a vital opportunity for the School's equipment to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Robert Ammons, the Director of Technology at Garrison Forest, said he was intrigued by the opportunity to give back when he received an email from another Baltimore-area school representative urging other local schools to donate their 3D printers. Thanks to a few emails and a compassionate idea, Sinai received five 3D printers loaned by local schools.

Director of Technology Robert Ammons accepting the Covid-19 Community Responder Trophy Award.

Robert Ammons of Garrison Forest, along with representatives from the four Baltimore County schools who loaned 3D printers, traveled to Sinai hospital to receive the Covid-19 Community Responder Trophy Award on behalf of their school's generous donation.

Five Baltimore-area school representatives pictured with Daniel J. Durand, M.D of Sinai Hospital.