Yesterday, the inaugural Community Honor Advocates, representing each Upper School class, were among the first students to sign the Community Honor Pledge. The rest of the Upper School followed suit and each signed the pledge affirming their commitment to integrity. 

 Creating and finalizing the Community Honor Pledge, which asks students to commit to "community, character and educational pursuit by upholding a high standard of honesty and integrity" was a multiyear, student-driven initiative. It began in the 19-20 school year with the Upper School Forum, was adopted by the 20-21 Forum and Student Curriculum Advisory Panel, and will continue to be upheld, enhanced and championed by students in the future. The Community Honor Pledge represents a collaborative effort to reinforce the importance of upholding honesty for all members of the community and echoes the Core Values that drive the mission of the school. We're so proud of the many students who came together to bring this important initiative to GFS!

Read the full Honor Pledge below: 

As a member of The Garrison Forest School community, I acknowledge my commitment to community, character, and educational pursuit by upholding a high standard of honesty and integrity in every area of school life.

I understand that lying, cheating, and stealing are unacceptable behaviors which erode the climate of trust essential to a successful learning community, and I accept responsibility for my own actions and seek to encourage this responsibility in others. I understand the need for honor and pledge to uphold the spirit of integrity and trust at Garrison Forest.