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At Garrison Forest School we view college counseling holistically — we aim to guide students toward making the best choices for themselves. Although the college search typically begins during a student's Junior year, at GFS, the process truly begins when a student enters the School. Our college counselors, along with faculty and staff, provide support at every step of the way to ensure college readiness is an individualized approach for each student. Continue reading to learn more about the stellar college counseling program at GFS and to meet the Director of College Counseling, Elizabeth Almeter.
Meet Elizabeth Almeter, Director of College Counseling
Q&A with Ms. Almeter
Q: Explain the importance of college counseling. 
A: As college counselors, we counsel and support students’ and their families on their college and career path beyond GFS. Our school has relationships at its core and we believe each student has a story. Rather than work in silos, we partner with other members of our tight-knit community to be our students’ storytellers. We understand
colleges and the admissions landscape and promoting GFS and its applicants.
Q: As college counselors, how do you support students in the application process?
A: We teach young women skills they need to be successful in college and beyond. We work with them on research and interview skills. We support them in making decisions and finding their voice in an essay or crafting a response to a scholarship committee. We celebrate their victories, and if needed, re-asses and help them pivot to a different plan unfolding. We help students balance their lives while fostering resiliency.
Q: How has the current climate impacted students and the college admission process? 
A: Not surprising, the pandemic has affected college admission. I wish I could tell you we have a crystal ball seeing into the future. Rather, we monitor the big picture that is constantly changing and update families on navigating the admission process. We seek data and anecdotes from our colleagues on the college-side. We stay on top of the news cycle. We stay current with our professional organizations: AIMS, NACAC, ACCIS, and PCACAC. Although it’s hard to hear about the struggles our colleagues are experiencing on both sides - high school and college-side, we are seeing a camaraderie and a joining of forces as we adjust to our new normal. Adjusting to virtual has been different but has provided us with new opportunities too. We are able to welcome more college admission officers (especially ones on the west coast and abroad) to our virtual space since there are no travel restrictions.
Q: What advice do you have for families as they navigate college planning? 
A: Navigating the college planning process can be stressful, but we hope that families can find moments during this time to reflect on the growth of their daughter. We are available to help our students through the rough patches that may lie ahead and we thrive on the excitement and success that this process also brings for them.


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