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Minimester in the Middle School

This past week, the Middle School at GFS paused their regularly scheduled programming for the annual Minimester session, where students can explore their interests by attending special classes in a range of topics. This year's course offerings included options like paleontology, graphic novels, interior design, model UN, oil painting, forensics, filmmaking, trips to nearby Irvine Nature Center, and helping at the GFS daycare. 

"Minimester provides an opportunity for our students to engage with faculty outside of the traditional classroom and try out a new activity or passion," said Head of the Middle School Shannon Schmidt. "Minimester taps into the natural curiosity that middle school girls have, and it's always a faculty and student favorite!"

As Mrs. Schmidt noted, Minimester isn't just a time for students to explore; it also helps faculty members see a different side of their students and create connections that might not happen within the regular class periods. 

"Minimester reminds students that there are so many ways to learn and that curiosity can and should extend outside of the classroom.  While students are learning about new topics such as interior design, oil painting, or paleontology, the faculty also learn a lot about student interests and abilities," said Middle School Dean of Students Lauren Anderson. "By learning more about the students, we can continue to build meaningful connections with our girls, which help us engage them in the classroom. Above all else, Minimester injects joy and fun into our program, making the Middle School a magical place to be." 

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