This morning, the GFS Preschool performed Where the Wild Things Are, a musical take on the children's classic. With each song in their performance, the students learned valuable developmental skills. Take a look below at some of the songs they sang and how these songs helped our students grow!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Students learned about their four voices in music class with this sequence song. They learned about their shouting, singing, speaking and whispering voices. They also learned about when, where and why these voices are used!

I Just Can't Wait to Be King

All students prepared a dance for this performance! By listening to the music and learning how to move with the beat, preschool students begin to more finely hone their senses and learn how their bodies can work in harmony with the stimuli around them.

I See the Moon

A large part of the studens' musical development in Preschool is learning about musical opposites and recognizing them in music that they can listen to and relate to. I See the Moon is an example of a lullaby. The students love to sing lullabies using a soft voice!

Goodbye, Farewell

At the end of each music class, we sing goodbye with this silly song! This song exposes Preschool students to a meter of three. 

I'm So Glad to Be Here

Music is such a wonderful way to retain information! Many of the songs that are sung in Preschool encourage positive character development and exemplify the importance of community. Our students were so glad their family and friends came to see them perform today!

See more photos of the performance below: 

Watch a video recap here: