From left: College Counseling Assistant Kathie Krieger, Director of College Counseling Elizabeth Almeter and Associate Director of College Counseling Janice Bogdan.

For most students, preparing for college involves thinking about their passions and interests, as well as forming ideas on which career paths they might like to take and what kind of college experience they want. It can be a stressful period for students and families, but being prepared and having access to professionals who know the process can make it a much smoother experience.

At Garrison Forest, our College Counseling team excels in helping students and families through this process, combining each student’s ambitions and goals with a deep knowledge of college admissions, compassion and a true desire to help each student find their best fit. 

“At GFS, we are very fortunate to have the resources to provide highly personalized guidance throughout a student’s college application process,” says Janice Bogdan, Associate Director of College Counseling. “Our students take classes that focus on college major and career exploration, the college search, and preparing for life after graduation. College Counselors meet with students and families individually and on a regular basis to tailor our assistance to meet each student’s needs.”

In addition to knowing each student and family, the College Counseling team leads a focused, intentional program, with College Counseling built into the curriculum, meant to help students move more fluidly through the college search and application process. Students participate in workshops, seminars and one-on-one consultations with an expert team of academic advisors and counselors. During Junior year, Camp College provides an immersive experience for Juniors to work on their college applications, listen in on talks by college admission counselors and begin writing their admission essays.

When families ask Director of College Counseling Elizabeth Almeter when college prep starts, “the answer I give is ‘The first day of school,’” says Almeter. “It’s a matter of thinking that each class you take, each activity you participate in, each experience you have outside of school, that’s all part of your story.” 

The College Counseling team gets to know every student, understanding their needs and preferences, interests and desires. And, with the guidance and expertise of the College Counseling team behind them, each year GFS students are admitted to some of the top colleges and universities in the US. In addition to landing at prestigious colleges, students find the programs that are the best fit for them and their ambitions.