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3rd Grade State Feast and Fair

The 3rd Grade girls took a culinary tour of the United States and treated their families and friends to a trip across the country with the annual 3rd Grade State Feast and State Fair. Through the State Feast and Fair, girls research, learn and share their knowledge about states in the U.S. Each girl is given a state to research and leading up to the Feast and Fair and discovers everything about her assigned state from the population, the geography, mottos and much more.

On Tuesday, each girl brought in a popular food from her state for the State Feast. The girls gathered in the Livingston Great Room during lunch to dine on options while each girl spoke about why she chose to bring the dish that she shared. 


On Wednesday, parents and friends visited the Livingston Great Room for the State Fair. The guests then visited each girl at her own poster display about her state. The display boards revealed a great deal of creativity and research and included an essay on a hero or heroine from the respective state.

The 50-States fun and learning even made its way to PE as the girls played games all week related to different states. From rodeo to jousting and stock care racing, the students learned about popular games and engaged in some friendly competition in the Searle Athletic Center.  



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