Over the last month, 4th Grade has taken part in a series of field trips designed to help the students delve deeper into their financial literacy learning by making real-world connections beyond the classroom. 

In February, the students visited the T. Rowe Price lab at Towson University. The girls played the "millionaire game" to see what they know about millionaires and looked at the spending and savings habits between two different people to discuss the advantages of saving at a young age. They continued by comparing companies from the same industry to determine which ones would be better for their stock portfolios and compared two stocks looking at EPS, P/E ratio, profile, one-year-range, dividend, and sustainability. They also looked up current news articles about each company. The GFS girls wrapped up their trip with lunch at the University’s dining hall. 

On Monday, March 4, the 4th and 5th Grade students took part in the much-anticipated annual trip to Junior Achievement of Maryland’s BizTown. Each year, GFS 4th and 5th Grade participates in the  BizTown program, a series of lessons incorporating financial literacy and citizenship that culminates with a visit to a simulated, fully-interactive town. The program helps students make the connection between what they learn in school and the real world. For the last two years, the students have teamed up with 4th graders from Boys’ Latin School on the program and the girls and boys will work together onsite for the simulation. Leading up to the simulation, the girls interviewed with members of GFS faculty and staff in preparation for their BizTown “jobs.”

The financial literacy immersion continued on the morning of March 5 when the girls got the chance to visit M&T bank before it opened to get a behind-the-scenes tour. The girls got a “VIP” tour of the bank, using the money machine to accurately count $5000, getting to see inside both vaults, and even being able to work the drive-through teller window. At the end of the trip, each girl was given a bag of goodies from M&T. The trip is part of a continued partnership with the bank which includes on-campus “banking days” where students run a real bank for their fellow Lower School students.