A key component of the innovative financial literacy program in the Lower School is the Stock Market Game in Fourth Grade, which connects students to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning. Promoting practical, hands-on learning, this program also features guest speakers. Our Fourth Graders recently had two special visitors to talk more about stocks.

Mr. Schapiro (Lexie’s grandfather) shared more about the history of stocks and the creation of the London stock exchange. He taught the girls about different types of stocks, the concept of inflation and the importance of investing. Students learned about mutual funds and active versus passive investing. Mr. Schapiro also shared some funny stories about monkeys and chimpanzees who chose stocks and actually did pretty well! The girls asked loads of great questions and learned a lot.


Fourth Graders also had an exciting visit from Emma Paternotte’s grandfather, Bill Paternotte. He showed the girls examples of growth in Starbucks and Tesla and spoke about the reasons for the growth of those companies. Mr. Paternotte spoke about his job as a financial advisor and how he helps people manage their money. He also explained to the girls about short selling and the way it works, which relates to the book they are reading, The Short Seller. It was a fantastic presentation.

Mr. Paternotte

Thank you to both of our special visitors for sharing your time, stories and knowledge with our students!