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GFS and Boys' Latin Team Up for STEM Day

On April 12, Garrison Forest 6th Grade hosted Boys’ Latin 6th Grade for the 4th annual GFS/Boys’ Latin STEM Day competition. Each year, the two schools team up for a day of competition which took place this year in the Gym Annex. 

Prior to the day, students created catapults, gliders and propeller cars from craft materials and recyclables. Girls and boys were placed in coed teams, competing in various “heats” for speed, accuracy or distance, the results of which were carefully logged by GFS and BL teachers. Students also worked on engineering challenges, including making the tallest tower possible with only a roll of aluminum foil. The students put their science, technology, engineering, math and art skills to work through the competition and came up with some outstanding designs. 

Enjoy photos from the day. 



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