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GFS Dance Department Presents Moments in Movement

"Every song will invoke a memory, and the movement will invoke your soul. The students will take you on a journey that will bring a tear to your eye, have you dancing in your seats and reminiscing about great times! Join us for one of the greatest concerts of the year."

These words guided the Garrison Forest Dance Department's spring concert, Moments in Movement. On May 2 and May 3, Garrison Forest Upper School students dancing at all levels, the Upper School dance company Blue Allegro and Middle School dance company Blue Adage, led guests in Garland Theater through a beautiful night of movement.

"Moments in Movement was an extraordinary celebration of the love, growth, and sisterhood of the Dance Department," says Director and GFS dance teacher Heather Malone-Wolf.

Photos courtesy of Selina Ma '20


"Each piece was a testimony through movement. Whether it was having fun, holding someone up as they fall, banding together as a company, or simply celebrating each other, this concert told the inner circle stories that these dancers experience year to year. At the end of the second night, we celebrated eight seniors who have singlehandedly made the dance department what it is today. This is a show that will go down in the history books as one of the best we’ve experienced and seen!"

Bravo to Ms. Malone-Wolf, our eight graduating seniors, all of the student dancers and choreographers, production crew, and everyone involved in making the dance concert a success. 


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