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Multicultural Resource Fair

For the second year in a row, GFS families, faculty and staff were invited to the Preschool for information and resources at the Multicultural Resource Fair which took place from January 16-19. Created by Threes teacher Bryna Stoute, the Multicultural Resource fair provides a wide breadth of books, toys, dolls, games and other resources for families interested in providing age-appropriate content for their children about their own culture and the culture of others. 

The fair was born out of a GFS professional development session entitled “Mirrors and Windows.” The concept of “mirrors and windows” revolves around the idea that children should see themselves (mirror) reflected in their community and equality is shown when children are challenged to look outside themselves (windows) to learn, understand and appreciate other cultures. At the same time that the professional development was taking place, several Garrison Forest Families had inquired about finding resources for their children across a variety of forms of diversity.  With Mrs. Stoute taking the lead, the Multicultural Resource Fair was born. 

“I love the fact that we were able to display the resources of what the children are exposed to at school, what is available at the public library and many items from my personal collection,” said Mrs. Stoute. “Often times the resources are available to parents for free at the library, but if you don’t know titles it may be hard to find. The resource fair allows parents to browse the books and figure out what may be age/context appropriate for their child. There are also adult resources as well. It has been well received and I can’t wait for next year.”





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