Ten GFS Varsity Squash players and their coaches traveled to Hartford, Connecticut from February 1-3 for the US Squash High School Nationals and brought back the Division 5 Classic Plate! The Nationals hosted 207 teams from across the United States with more than 1500 players in six divisions.  

The Grizzlies competed in their first High School Nationals in 2018 in Division VI and in 2019 rose to Division V and were the Classic Plate Champions (5th overall). The players competed through three days of nail-biting matches with most matches going the distance to best of 7 with tiebreakers in most games. GFS was well-represented by the Varsity team and saw the support of many alumnae from across the country who were proud to see the Grizzlies in such a prestigious tournament. 

Congratulations, Squash, on an outstanding weekend!