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Mid-Autumn Festival

On Monday, September 24, the Garrison Forest community gathered to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. In several Asian countries, this festival celebrates the Harvest Moon, a symbol of peace and prosperity. To celebrate the holiday families gather, light lanterns, enjoy mooncakes and gaze at the luminescent night sky. 

A week before the festival, 8th Graders made lanterns to illuminate the campus. Lanterns were adorned in the window sills of the dining hall to assist with lighting in order to admire the moon fully at nightfall. Click the image below for more pictures.   

On Monday morning, the Lower School and Middle School headed over to Garland Theatre for an interactive performance of ethnic Chinese dances by Ling Tang. Students joined Ms. Tang on stage and took part in Chinese ribbon dancing, a traditional art form that originated in ancient China. Using sharp, rhythmic movements and long colorful ribbons, students were delighted while dancing along to traditional Chinese music.

In the afternoon, Upper School and all-day Preschool students watched as Ms. Tang performed a variety of Asian-inspired dance. During her performance, she encouraged audience participation and educated students on Chinese culture and heritage. Students watched in admiration as the Asian culture was brought to life.  

The festivities concluded with a Mid-Autumn banquet where students and faculty enjoyed moon-gazing, traditional Chinese music and, of course, moon cakes! GFS students had the opportunity to perform in celebration of the Harvest Moon. Click on the image below for a fun recap of the dinner festivities. 

Photography by Mu Yao Ma


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