WISE requirements

Approximately 14 spaces are available for each WISE term. The program seeks strong students who are independent learners generally capable of AP-level work. In addition, participants need personal maturity, resilience, intellectual curiosity, emotional readiness and solid interpersonal skills. Adherence to strong standards of academic integrity also is essential.

Typically, students have completed Chemistry and Algebra II and are a B-or-better student in all subjects by the time they participate in WISE. Students should speak with their advisor and Andrea Perry, Director of The GFS James Center, to assess their readiness for WISE.

GFS provides transportation to and from Johns Hopkins.

Course Requirements at GFS

Junior WISE students enroll in junior year English III, US History, Mathematics and Science at GFS, and may take a language and/or arts or electives. Senior WISE students typically take English IV, Mathematics and Science courses, and select among electives. WISE students work with their advisor, Andrea Perry, Director of The GFS James Center, and Natalie Froman, Director of Upper School Academic Affairs, to develop a schedule that fulfills their graduation requirements and incorporates their academic interests. On-line courses that increase schedule flexibility may be an option.

Most students take four or five courses in addition to WISE, depending upon interests, Honors or AP load, academic goals and other factors. Permission from the Head of the Upper School is required for a seven course load.

WISE students receive credit from Garrison Forest School for their JHU WISE experience, which includes writing a weekly journal, conducting mentor interviews, developing a summary project and sharing their projects with the Garrison Forest School community. Students also create and maintain a digital portfolio that they can retain after graduation from GFS.


Garrison Forest juniors and seniors typically apply each spring for enrollment in WISE in conjunction with the course registration process.

Applicants from beyond GFS are encouraged to apply by April 8 of the year preceding their WISE year.

Applicants from GFS and from other schools may apply at any time to be considered for placement if space is available.

WISE 1 (1st semester) runs from the start of school year until early February

WISE 2 (2nd semester) runs from mid-January to the end of school year.

Time at JHU runs for about 15 weeks.

On occasion, students may extend their WISE experience, for credit or on an informal, non-credit basis, dependent upon JHU mentor agreement and GFS approval.