Why a Girls' School?

Here, girls occupy every position—in student government, on a team, in club leadership and more. What girls think, say and do matters more than anything. And there is no better preparation for thriving and leading in a coed environment than discovering your authentic self and using your voice with confidence and power—exactly what an all-girls’ school provides.

What does the research show?

Subtracting boys from a girl’s school environment simply adds up to many more opportunities—and better learning—for the girls.

A 2018 study investigating the impact of all-girls’ education and the transition to college showed that when compared to their female peers at coed schools, girls’ school graduates:

  • Have stronger academic skills
  • Are more academically engaged
  • Demonstrate higher science self-confidence
  • Display higher levels of cultural competency
  • Express stronger community involvement
  • Exhibit increased political engagement

Read more about the study and listen to a podcast about the impact of girls’ education with Dr. Tiffani Riggers-Piehl, principal investigator of the study, on the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools website

What About Boys? 

Girls in all divisions at Garrison Forest have the opportunity to interact with boys. Beginning in Lower School, Garrison Forest students collaborate with Boys' Latin School on their financial literacy units and in Middle School the students work together on STEM activities. Students have lots of social opportunities with boys, from mixers, dances and service  days to performing with them in our annual spring musical. 


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Girls’ school graduates are three times more likely than women graduates of coed schools to consider pursuing a career in engineering. The GFS Women in Science and Engineering Partnership with Johns Hopkins University helps prepare young women for STEM careers by equipping them with real-world, hands-on experiences. Learn more.  

“Attending an all-girls' school has helped me grow in many ways, from becoming more confident to a better leader and advocate for myself and others.”- Emine '24