Student Life

Garrison Forest School has great academics, inspiring teachers and incredible opportunities to explore whatever it is you are passionate about. But we’re so much more.

We are known for being a happy, joyful place, something we are very proud of! Community is very important to us. At GFS, you will laugh often and smile even more—and be respected and celebrated for who you are.

What do you like to do? What did you always want to try? This is the place! We have dozens of clubs from the arts and community service to environmental awareness. Run for a student government position in Middle School and Upper School and be a leader. Try out for a school play or one of our many athletic teams. Dance, ride and play polo. There’s so much to do here outside of class. And if you can’t find what you’re interested in? Start your own club! This is the perfect place—and time—to explore.

There is no “typical” Garrison Forest student.

Don’t worry about fitting in. You will. Being a welcoming community means that this is where every student with a variety of interests, stories and goals come together in class, on the playing field, in the dining hall and everywhere else.

What about weekends?

As a day and boarding school from 8th through 12th Grade, we have girls from around Maryland, the country and world at Garrison Forest. This means that you have close friends from around the globe, and all Upper School students—day and boarding—and 8th Grade boarders can choose from a ton of weekend activities organized and chaperoned by GFS. Race go-carts. See a movie with friends. Make your own jewelry in a Creative Co-op workshop on campus. Take a day trip to New York City or cheer on the Orioles at Camden Yards. Volunteer in a downtown soup kitchen. Or hang out in the dorms, making cookies. Every weekend, there is plenty to for you to do.



Every GFS experience is different, but there are things every student should do. Click the bucket above to start checking off your own GFS Blue Bucket list!