Named Endowment Funds

Marion Shriver Abell ’78 Scholarship

Family and friends established this fund at the time of Mrs. Abell’s death in 1997. Enriched by foundation support and Mrs. Abell’s legacy gift, this scholarship provides tuition for a student who exemplifies Mrs. Abell’s dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Elkin Goddard Alston ʼ58 Scholarship Fund

A merit scholarship established in 2016 by Elkin Alston ʼ58 to attract and support the best possible students for Garrison Forest.

Mary Keller Boyd Chair in French

Initiated in 1990 through Miss Boyd’s estate planning and the generosity of her students and friends, the Chair honors Miss Boyd as a mentor and as a master teacher.

Rosa Caler ’64 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2009 by William K. Caler, Jr., the brother of Rosa “Tinkie” Caler ’64, and the members of the Class of 1964, this fund serves as a perpetual tribute to Tinkie and her class while providing a Garrison Forest education to a student for whom it would otherwise be out of reach.

Chanler Family Faculty Fund

Established in 1989 by Mrs. William Chanler and her family to honor their legacy at Garrison Forest and to provide enrichment opportunities for deserving faculty.

Class of 1954 Scholarship Fund

In 2009, the Class of 1954 established an endowed scholarship in honor of their 55th Reunion and the School’s Centennial.

Class of 1958 Memorial Fund for Faculty Support

Created in 2013 by the class in honor of their 55th Reunion and their classmates Elkin Goddard Alston, Carroll Webb Bisson, Jane Bourne, Joan Chatfield-Taylor, Ginger Benson Collins Melova Harris Livens, Ann McIntosh, Mary Pierrepoint Perry and Frances Washburn.

Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund

Established in 2012 by the members of the Class of 1964 and William K. Caler, Jr., this fund supports the education of a Garrison Forest student during her four years in the Upper School.

Class of 2009 Scholarship Fund

The families of the Class of 2009 established an endowed scholarship to support a portion of the Upper School tuition for a student who is currently enrolled at Garrison Forest, but who would not be able to return because of a change in her family’s financial status.

Diana Brewster Clark ’54 Fund

Established in 1994 by Mrs. Clark’s classmates to memorialize their friend and to recognize our faculty.

Mildred H. F. and L. Patrick Deering Memorial Library Fund

The Deering Library Fund was established in 1987 by Mr. and Mrs. L. Patrick Deering. It supports the acquisition of works pertaining to English and History.

Cleveland H. Dodge Faculty Fund

Established in 1983 by the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation to provide enrichment opportunities for deserving faculty.

Donald S. Elliott Faculty Summer Sabbatical

Established in 1998 to honor Don Elliott and his years of dedicated service to Garrison Forest, this fund supports professional development opportunities for faculty.

Equestrian Program Fund

Established in 1993 by Past Trustee and Past Parent Cynthia Saint-Amand, Dr. Nathan SaintAmand and Past Parents Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lehrman to augment the Equestrian Program budget and thus provide additional equipment and opportunity for our students.

Edward E. Ford Funds

Through the generosity of the Edward E. Ford Foundation, a fund in support of faculty was established in 1972, and a student scholarship fund was established in 1977.

Campus Beautification Fund and Equestrian Support Fund

Established in 1986 by Past Parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holt to provide resources for campus improvements and the Equestrian Program.

Gifts to Honor the Classes of 1990–1994

Each of these funds was supported by families of the members of those classes, and all have strengthened the Endowment in support of Faculty.

Caroline Dawson Heller Memorial Fund

Family and friends established this endowed fund in 2000 in memory of former preschool faculty member Caroline Dawson Heller. The fund supports programs and projects for faculty in the Preschool.

Ethel and Katharine Hoffman Riding Endowment

Established in 2012 through a gift from Katharine McLean Hoffman ’37, this Endowment will support the School’s riding program in perpetuity insuring the strength of this important tradition, which has touched the lives of so many of our alumnae.

The James Center Programs and Partnership with a Public Purpose Endowment

Created through an Edward E. Ford Foundation Leadership Grant and the generosity of Amabel Boyce James ’70, The James Center’s various programs prepare students to be issue-literate citizens, generative-problem solvers, financially-competent individuals and action-oriented leaders.

Elsie Foster Jenkins ’53 Endowment for Community Service

Established in 2000 by Aurelia Garland Bolton ’53, Evelyn Ledyard Cochran ’53 and Mrs. Nicholas Penniman in memory of Muffie Foster Jenkins ’53 and in support of the extensive Service League program at GFS.

Manor House Fund

Created in 1997 by William P. Carey, in memory of Trustee and Board President Raymond Skinner Clark and in recognition of Mr. Clark’s wife, Marjorie Pendleton Clark ’38, daughter Gwendolen Gorman Bond ’61 and his granddaughter Marjorie Burdette Tompkins ’91.

Elinor Purves McLennan ’56 Faculty Endowment

Established by Elinor Purves McLennan to emphasize the importance of strengthening support for faculty.

Anita and Tad Montgomery Fund for Student Support

Established by the Class of 1966 on the occasion of their 50th Reunion, this Endowment provides funds to ensure that more girls will be able to participate in school-sponsored activities and traditions not covered by tuition or financial aid.

Elizabeth E. Muller Endowed Scholarships

Established in 1999 by Fred Brauer, with the assistance of Past Parent Anne Fink, this fund continues Elizabeth E. Muller’s mission of excellence for all girls’ schools.

Rosalind and Cabell Pearse Fund in Technology

Established by Cabell Pearse in 1999, the fund honors Alumna Rosalind Oates Pearse ’44 and provides important support for computer and software needs throughout all divisions.

Nicholas G. Penniman Chair in History

Established in 1982 by Mr. Penniman’s family and friends, and through the generosity of the Middendorf Foundation, to honor Mr. Penniman’s outstanding leadership as President of the Board of Trustees.

Kobbe Queer ’85 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1985 in memory of Kobbe Queer ’85 by her family and classmates to provide scholarship support.

DeWitt Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund

Established in 1985 to partially fund the tuition of an Upper School student.

Samuel Ready Scholarship Fund

Established in 1977 to provide scholarships for deserving girls from families located in the Baltimore metropolitan area with limited income.

Sally Janney Rose ’72 Memorial Fund

Established in 1989 by Sally Janney Rose’s family to honor her service as a Trustee and her commitment to faculty support.

Faculty Summer Sabbatical Fund

Established in 1998 by an anonymous donor, and with additional support from the Riepe Family Foundation, this fund creates enrichment opportunities for tenured faculty members.

Full Faculty Sabbatical Program

Established in 2001 by an anonymous donor, this fund provides long-term faculty members the opportunity to pursue studies off-campus for either half a year at full salary or a full year at half salary.

Shafer Family Fund for Faculty

Established in 2017 by P.J. and Helen Zinreich Shafer ' 93 to provide support for professional development, pursuit of advanced degrees, and increased salaries and benefits for faculty.

Elizabeth Simpson Memorial Fund

Established in 1985 by friends and family to honor Miss Simpson as an administrator and master teacher, and as one who devoted her life to the School.

Smith Scholars

Established in 1998 by Carolyn Smith to fully fund the education of four students commencing in the Lower Division.

The Bonnie Elizabeth Thomas Memorial Fund

Established in 2006 by the family and friends of Bonnie Thomas, a member of the Garrison Forest staff for 18 years. This fund helps provide opportunities to students who share Bonnie’s love of riding.

Agnes Cochran Underwood Chair in English

Established through the generosity of parents and grandparents of the members of the Classes of 1988 and 1989 to recognize Mrs. Underwood’s eleven years as Head of School.

Anne Winslow Whitridge ’78 Scholarship Fund

Inspired by a bequest from Wendy Whitridge, her family, friends, and classmates established the Anne Winslow Whitridge Scholarship in 2007 to honor her.

Katrina Himes Wogan ’45 Service League Fund

Established in 1992 by her family, this fund provides an annual award to the student who exemplifies Mrs. Wogan’s commitment to community service while a student at Garrison Forest.

Elizabeth Welsh Young ’40 Memorial Charitable Trust

Created in late 2014 by Alumna and former GFS Upper School English and History teacher Elizabeth “Betty” Welsh Young, the funds provide partial scholarships annually for deserving students to attend Garrison Forest. The scholarships are awarded based upon character, financial need, academic ability and extra-curricular activities.

Hyatt Hood Young ’42 Memorial Charitable Trust 
Created in 2021 by Alumna Hyatt Hood Young ’42, the funds provide partial scholarships annually for deserving students to attend Garrison Forest. The scholarships are awarded based upon character, financial need, academic ability and extra-curricular activities.